Bounces and Spam Complaint Tracking Service

Automatically process your bounces and complaints
for further suppression them from your subscriber base.

GlockApps offers the ability to centralize your bounce and feedback loop email monitoring in one place
and provides actionable feedback about your complaint and bounce rate trends.

Bounces and Complaints Monitoring and Reporting

Process Automatically

With GlockApps, you can set up an automated process of handling bounce and complaint emails. Processed data is compiled into the comprehensive and easy-to-read report available for you every day so that you can track your bounce and complaint trends. You can enable email notifications to get the report download links via email.

Get Precise Reports

GlockApps tracks bounces and complaints across any number of email campaigns per day, ISP, “From” address, and subject. We categorize bounce emails by types so you can see exactly why your emails are bouncing, such as issues related to invalid email addresses, temporarily deliverability issues, or message blocking.

Analyze and Remove

We extract the bounce email address and message ID of each email which generated a complaint and, where possible, the email addresses of the recipients who complained to help you detect and remove problematic and non-existent recipients. We can also extract custom header fields from bounce and complaint emails.

Getting started is simple.

1. Forward bounce and feedback loop emails to GlockApps.

ISPs most commonly send Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) files to your “Return” email address and sometimes to your “From” email address. Set up your email agent to forward ARF files and bounce emails to your personal bounce email address that we’ll give you. If you are operating your own mail server, you can sign up for ISP feedback loop services to receive ARF files from here.

2. Check bounce and complaint reports at GlockApps.

Once you start forwarding your bounce and feedback loop emails to us, we’ll start collecting them and compile the reports for your analysis so that you can suppress bouncing and complaining users from your subscriber list and improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

Why Should You Monitor Feedback Loops and Bounces?

Feedback loops are the mechanism ISPs like Hotmail and Yahoo! employ to report email messages reported as spam to senders. When a recipient marks your message as spam, the ISP sends you a report so you can track and suppress the recipient who filed a complaint. In the past, the impact spam complaints have on deliverability was largely underestimated. Nowadays, senders realize the importance of feedback loops and necessity of processing complaints.

The GlockApps FBL monitoring tool enables you to:

  • understand the campaigns generating the highest complaint rates;
  • determine and export complainers for suppression from your mailing list;
  • predict which of your IP addresses are likely to be affected and at which ISPs;
  • protect your sender reputation on a proactive basis;
  • find out if blacklists are impacting your ability to deliver emails to the recipients.

If your ability to deliver emails is impacted by the blacklisting of your sending IP address, you will most likely receive a bounce notification that contains a message indicating that your email was rejected because of a listing on a blacklist. In most cases, the bounce message includes the name or URL of the blacklist. An example of this type of message is “Message rejected due to IP [] listed on RBL [X]”.

GlockApps extracts the bounce reason so that you can clearly see if the bounce happened because of a bad email address, temporarily delivery problems or blacklisting issues.

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