Essential Email Marketing Tool! I'm able to monitor my mailbox reputation really efficiently.

Sebastian K.

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Have your IPs been added to industry blacklists? We will help you remedy the problem.

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Check your IPs against more than 50 of the most common industry blacklists including Spamhaus, SURBL, SORBS and Invaluement.

Identify Spam & Malware Threats

Quickly find the source of malicious actors and begin the delisting process before your sender reputation is affected.

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Diagnose and solve issues threatening your IP’s reputation to ensure continuous deliverability.

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  • The GlockApps report is BRILLIANT!

    Without your information, support, and services, I would never have managed to get our mail delivered into the inboxes for Hotmail and Gmail. The journey has not been easy – but with the right information from your company, the path has been successful.

    You have provided us with superb products that have allowed us a lot of freedom to manage our own information – especially now that our IP and domain are trusted.


    Mandi Lynn Creative Director, A La Mojo Studio

  • Easy-to-understand email deliverability testing

    We can do quick litmus tests with all the clients we support to know and understand how their emails are performing. It supports all major and minor services and provides feedback pretty quickly.


    Steven L. CEO

  • GlockApps saves me loads of time.

    It's so difficult to know if you email server is delivering emails to your recipients inbox. GlockApps very successfully give me information as to the reputation of my email servers.


    Edward v. Software Developer

  • Good tool to get a snapshot of deliverability

    We use GlockApps to run deliverability audits and run tests for our clients. It's a thorough yet simple to use tool and gives you a lot of information to take and run with - you'll need some expertise to interpret it but it's a great tool to have in the deliverability arsenal.


    Adam M. Consultant

  • Detailed email deliverability checker

    How comprehensive the software is when it comes to checking if email is being delivered appropriately.


    Chris D. Director

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