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Why do I need to deploy DMARC?

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance) is an email validation system that helps protect your email domain from being used for sending phishing emails, scams, and other spam.

From DMARC reports, you’ll get insight into your domain usage and the possibility to detect email spoofing attacks in real-time.

Your end goal is to set the DMARC policy to reject (p=reject), which only allows authenticated and trusted emails to reach the recipient’s inbox. Your brand will be fully secured when you make sure that your legitimate email is authenticated and set the “reject” DMARC policy to keep any malicious email sent on behalf of your brand away from your customers’ Inboxes.

Achieving DMARC enforcement, you’ll benefit from definitive protection against exact-domain phishing, full control of all email streams using your domain and increased brand reputation. This will also improve your email delivery as email receivers tend to trust domains with a strict DMARC policy in place a little more.

Read more about DMARC benefits.

Updated on October 27, 2022

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