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How can the Bounce Monitor be useful to me?

GlockApps Bounce Monitor gives you the breakdown of bounce emails by the sender email address, sender domain, bounce type, and mailbox provider. Thus, you will quickly see if you get any complaints for Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or any other provider or if any mailbox provider drops or blocks your messages because of their content or sending IP reputation.

You can determine the senders whose email campaigns generate high numbers of bounce emails or user complaints. The Bounce Monitor also helps you detect sudden peaks of bounce emails over time.

You look through the bounce analytics data and make the decision of what to do with the issues yourself. For example, if the reports show that you had a high number of hard bounce emails the recent time, then it’s time to clean your email list for validity and remove invalid email addresses.

If you notice a lot of dropped messages, consider removing the appropriate email addresses from your list in order your email system does not try to send the message to those addresses anymore.

If you notice a lot of FBL messages (reported spam), then it’s time to verify that you send the relevant content to confirmed recipients. You may want to send a re-subscription email to make people re-subscribe if they want to receive further emails from you.

Read more about how to use the bounce email analytics to your advantage.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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