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How accurate is the delivery report?

GlockApps doesn’t make guesses about email placement. It logs in each test mailbox in real-time and checks where the message is delivered. Then it reports the email placement to the test in your account. So, the result of an email placement test is 100% accurate with our test list.

​But you should take user engagement into account. ​The delivery can be slightly different for your real list because the user engagement still matters, especially with Gmail. With GlockApps, you can get a general understanding of how your message is treated by different ISPs. If you get an Inbox rate of 85-90%, then you can expect a similar Inbox rate with your real list.

​If you get a very low Inbox rate and you see the issues with your email authentication, spam score, then it is unlikely that you will get a high Inbox rate with your real recipients. When the sender’s reputation is high, then you should expect good results with the test list as well. GlockApps primarily tests the technical side of your email sending system and shows you the potential of the message to land in the Inbox.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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