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Does the seed list ever change?

We change the test email addresses on the seed list occasionally when we see that the existing email addresses are exhausted. But it doesn’t happen often. We send an email notification to our customers when we change the email addresses on the seed list and publish the changes to this file https://glockapps.com/files/seedupdate.txt

Also, the seed list can change during the same day, i.e. some of the existing email addresses could be temporarily disabled and removed and then re-added. Our system automatically verifies the availability of the seed accounts. If a mail server on an account is down or not responding, GlockApps disables the appropriate mailbox and removes it from the seed list. The mailbox may be disabled for minutes or hours. When the mail server is up and responding, GlockApps re-activates the mailbox and it becomes available in the seed list.

If you use API, you can get the up-to-date seed list before creating a test via API https://glockapps.com/api/

If you uploaded the seed list in your email system or ESP, we recommend that you update the seed list in your ESP from time to time. When you create an email test in your GlockApps account, you always receive an up-to-date seed list.

Updated on October 26, 2022

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