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Why do I see other IP addresses than my own server’s IP in the report?

You must have done a test on the GlockApps home page.

When you send a quick test on the home page, GlockApps re-sends your message via our email accounts with Mailgun, SendGrid, and Postfix.

You get 3 reports, one report for each service. In the reports, you see the IP addresses of Mailgun, SendGrid, and Postfix.

It is done to quickly show the report in order the user gets the idea of what data the GlockApps test delivers.

To get the report for your sending infrastructure, you need to create a spam test in your account and send the message to the seed list via your email system. GlockApps will test your sender authentication, your IP address, and your email placement.

When you send the message via your email system and from your email address, the results may be different. You will see how ISP treat you as a sender and where they place your message depending on your sender reputation.

Follow our tutorial on how to create a spam test and interpret the test results.

You can run 3 spam tests in your account for free.

Updated on October 27, 2022

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