Deliverability to Verizon Addresses after Migration to AOL

Deliverability to Verizon Addresses after Migration to AOL

When Verizon acquired AOL in June of 2015, they started gradually moving their email accounts ending in to AOL.

They required Verizon customers wishing to keep their email address to request the migration of their account to AOL.

Verizon customers who do not request migration to AOL will have their email accounts closed by April 28, 2017.

What It Means for Email Marketers

If your list has a great portion of email addresses, you can observe a heavy spike in your bounce rate after April 28. A bounce rate impacts your sender reputation and your ability to deliver emails to the Inbox.

With that said, read the recommendations below to reduce the impact of this change on your deliverability.

Recommendations for Email Marketers

– Move your recipients to a separate list and send them an email asking for their new email address (if they did not request migration to AOL) before April 28.

– Check your Verizon addresses for validity before broadcasting emails after April 28, 2017.

– Ensure bounces are being properly handled.

– Read the help pages provided by AOL and Verizon. These pages will answer most questions and support their customers through this transition.

Deliverability to Verizon Addresses after Migration

Verizon once partnered with Yahoo!, allowing their customers to use Yahoo! Mail as their email portal. This means that after the Verizon email shutdown, customers with active addresses will either be using Yahoo! Mail or AOL Mail as their email provider.

Deliverability to addresses will be impacted by which email provider the customer is using. Email marketers will be able to identify which email portal a recipient is using by investigating the email header. If marketers have a deliverability issue at either provider, it will impact a portion of their emails. Check your GlockApps reports to monitor your deliverability to AOL and Yahoo mailbox providers.

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