Making Your Case to the Executives: Connecting Email Marketing to ROI

Making Your Case to the Executives: Connecting Email Marketing to ROI

While the importance of analytics is obvious to email marketers, it is not so obvious to those who aren’t working in the field. High deliverability increases email marketing efficiency. It can drastically improve business but it all comes down to whether or not you can explain how it does so. In this article, we will concentrate on the importance of improving email marketing quality, and especially on its connection with the company’s ROI.

Common problems you may encounter when talking to your superiors are:

  • You’re restricting accounts that could bring conversions.
  • You’re shutting down accounts which could become sources of recurring revenue.
  • You want to make ‘unnecessary’ changes in the business process that has been doing just fine. Why change anything?
  • Most likely executives more willingly provide a budget for bigger marketing ideas.

When making the case to the executives there are five main aspects you can talk about to support your point on why email marketing in your company needs more resources, changes in the ways things are done, extra tools, etc.

5 Benefits of High-Quality Email Marketing:

  1. Improve email data quality

    When we start thinking about email data quality, this task alone might seem like a full-time job. To make it less time-consuming and to optimize quality it is recommended to use third-party tools. They can drastically improve emailing list health: check the presence of spam traps, inactive or invalid email addresses. The necessity of improving data quality is caused by its influence on spam score, engagement rate, and overall deliverability rate.

  2. Improve engagement

    Obviously, the reason why we want emails to get to the inboxes is engagement. It is important to highlight the fact that usually, marketers target the same recipient segments throughout different platforms. When data shows a setback in email deliverability to one of the major ISPs, there is a threat that this same problem will occur with other networks as well and email reputation will decrease. In this case, the best option is to conduct email reputation check, for example using a Reputation Monitor, as it has a lot to offer: it is the simplest, fastest, and most efficient way of checking if you were blacklisted, if any malicious activity is happening, as well as presents the tools for blacklist removal. The bottom line is third party tools have a great positive impact on the deliverability and engagement rate, which is crucial to the whole email marketing campaign, and thus, to the company’s marketing process as a whole.

  3. Improve email deliverability

    High email deliverability is a holy grail for the industry. Unfortunately, reaching it might be just as difficult, although from the perspective of executives it is pretty simple: keep the positive engagement metrics high and negative – low. The main idea you have to get across to your superiors is that excelling in as many aspects as possible needs the implementation of email marketing best practices; certain work methods have to be replaced, programs and tools that haven’t been used before must be implemented to keep deliverability level high and your email marketing up to date with the industry’s evolution.

  4. Boost campaign performance

    Nowadays it is essential not only to monitor specific metrics but also to see the big picture behind it all. When you communicate with the executives this is especially important since they might not speak your language, and long, detailed technical explanations on how deliverability works might not do well. High-quality email marketing boosts overall campaign performance: to step up with the email marketing campaigns and make them a powerful tool in the overall company’s marketing strategy, it is imperative to use advanced techniques, tools, and practices that might not be implemented in your business just yet. Case studies, global statistics, and well-crafted plan on your side are helpful when communicating your ideas to the superiors.

  5. Increases ROI

Now let’s look at the game changer in your negotiations with executives.

How Email Marketing Campaigns Increase Business Return on Investment (ROI)

Explaining the key benefits of high-quality email marketing to your supervisor is great but when explaining its importance, you have to provide hard evidence of the impact your work produces.

According to the research conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in 2020, email marketing became one of the main sources for nurturing clients in the business-to-business (B2B) segment. Furthermore, in the business-to-consumer (B2C) segment businesses rely heavily on emails and name them as one of their highest performing methods for securing and nurturing leads. Second, to only in-person events, email marketing is also heavily used for converting leads. These are two key points for showing how powerful a strong email marketing campaign really is.

How to Prove That Email Marketing Campaigns Increase Business ROI

The easiest way to explain the importance of email marketing is by showing how it is going to increase ROI. The best tactic is to bring data to the conversation. Below are the keys to how you can simply convey the ROI increases that will be seen from high-quality email marketing.

List of options that show connection between email marketing and ROI

Develop your marketing idea in a compelling way

Drawing attention and customers always starts with a great idea. Develop your strategy and present it in a visual way that anyone can understand.

Show the value of an active client vs inactive one

We know that engagement-based segmentation is critical for email deliverability. To explain the importance of active clients present the ROI stats. The ROI of marketing to an active client might be $1.50 while an inactive client is only $0.15. Developing a strategy that engages with active clients is essential to a successful campaign.

Compare mail streams

If you use different mail streams, some of them are likely to prove more effective than others. Prepare information on your analysis showing how much bigger the ROI is in the well-performing mail streams compared to struggling ones. This way you can draw attention to the need for further testing in order to make a positive change.

Customer spending

Brainstorm ideas on how clients can increase the consumption of a brand’s product or engage with more services through the help of your email marketing campaign.

Third-Party Tools

There are many technical reasons behind the overall deliverability term that justify the use of third-party tools such as ESP dashboards, postmaster tools, DMARC monitors, and domain checkers but there are just as many reasons why executives wouldn’t want to spend money on them. Try proposing implementing premium plans for the customers, adding it as a part of their package, or as an add-on. This solution should subsidize the cost of third-party tools and in some cases provided extra revenue for the company.

Continuing to talk about implementing the use of third-party tools, you will have a chance to explain exactly how using them and will actually save money in the long run. Instead of paying a deliverability expert premium rates, you can provide the same services by having access to your own third-party tools.

Your change will reduce the workload for other staff:

Enhancements you want to implement will have a positive effect on the support team. If there is a decrease in deliverability of your email campaigns, clients will start to complain which will in turn equal to more time being spent on tickets by the support department, therefore, spending more money on labor in the long run.

It may be difficult to connect email marketing to the company’s profit, but it is worth going the extra mile to make your points clear and meaningful. Collect as much data as possible and add numbers wherever you can; it could potentially draw attention to issues that you can resolve.



Julia Gulevich is an email marketing expert and customer support professional at GlockSoft LLC with more than 15 years of experience. Author of numerous blog posts, publications, and articles about email marketing and deliverability.