Bounce Manager Overview

Bounce Manager Overview

Important! The Bounce Manager is available in the Business, Marketing and custom plans.

We developed this Bounce Manager to help companies and marketers centralize bounce and feedback loop email processing and provide actionable feedback about their complaint and bounce rate trends.

It’s for senders who are using their own SMTP servers or delivery vendors. Plus, EasyMail7’s users who have troubles with configuring or using the built-in EasyMail7’s Bounce Handler may find the GlockApps Bounce Manager more convenient and easy to use.

And any email sender who doesn’t have a bounce handling process yet can use the GlockApps Bounce Manager tool.

You only need to set up your mail agent to forward your bounce emails at your personal address provided you by GlockApps.

We’ll collect all bounces coming at your personal address and process them for you providing you with downloadable reports.

Below is a quick Bounced Manager overview so you can get familiar with the tool and the data it provides:

Bounce Manager Settings

In the Settings, you will find your personal bounce email address where you need to forward your bounce email messages.

You can enter your custom header fields that you want to extract from bounce emails in addition to the automatically extracted fields (you can choose what fields you want to include into your report, too).

Plus, you can enable Automatic Daily Exports which means the system will automatically create the downloadable report for you every day.

Bounce Manager Settings

Each report will be stored under Downloads during one week.

Bounce Manager Downloads

Bounce Emails

Under the Bounces tab, you can view processed bounce emails. You can choose to view only hard, soft, blocked, unsubscribed or complaining emails. Plus, you can filter bounce emails by your sending domains.

Bounce Manager overview

Export Bounces

You can export bounce emails manually at any time. Under the Export tab, choose the time period, domain(s), bounce types and fields for export.

Bounce Manager overview

After clicking the Export button, you will be redirected to Downloads where you can get your report.

Bounce Emails Stats

Under Stats, the system provides you with the general statistics about all processed bounce emails. Plus, you can see the statistics for each type of bounce emails separately.

Bounce Manager overview


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